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Laminate flooring better than new thanks!
"Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are amazed at the results. The floors look better than when we first had them installed. The shine is beautiful. The results are fantastic. No more streaking, its great!"

My floors are looking terrific!
"I don’t know if you guys do anything with this information, but it worked beautifully. My floors look terrific and there is absolutely no trace of the paint overspray. Thank you again"
Submitted by 
Michelle E. of Austin, Texas

I just can't help singing the praises of your product!!
"We just had to let you know how fast, easy and wonderful this is!! If you notice on the before picture, there is a worn area caused by our kitchen chairs that had rollers on. We knew this table set was going to completely ruin our floor so we bought a new one, without rollers...but before we did, we knew we had to do something with the floor and surfing the net came across you. I was skeptical as we had tried other things before but nothing took out the worn area. What a wonderful surprise, we think, it looks better than it did brand new!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!"
Cheryl B.

"When we had our hardwood floors restored, we were happy that there was no sanding, no mess and such a wonderful result… Our hardwood floors were like new again." Jack and Sue N.

"After our contractor was done putting up drywall in our basement, our floors were a mess. The Laminate Restore System truly deep cleaned and restored our ceramic and vinyl tile." Todd B.