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Carpet Clean & Dry...That's ProDry!!


ProDry Residential Pricing

1 Room $65.00 (up to 250sq.ft.)

2 or 3 Rooms $40.00 Each (up to 250sq.ft. each room)

4 or More Rooms $35.00 Each (up to 250sq.ft.each room)

Our 9 Point Carpet Cleaning System is as Follows:

1. Vacuum carpet 

2. Spray ProDry cleaner

3. Give special attention to spots and stains

4. Furniture moving couches, chairs, end-tables, etc. (if necessary)

5. Clean with Our ProDry Low Moisture Cleaning Machine

6. Re-Vacuum & Groom Carpet

Additional Charge For The Following--

7. ProDry Carpet Guard Fabric Protection

8. Rake in Carpet Guard & Grooming

9. Steam Vapor Rinse


  • "The carpets look sooo much better after they were cleaned! He got sopts out I didn't think would come out. Very nice too!"
    Hillary Spence
    Quick & Clean
  • "I have had all my carpets and furniture cleaned by Tim Berg using the Pro Dry method and am very satisfied with the outcome. They dry very quickly and don't leave a chemical od..."
    Deborah Ferguson